OXID eShop version 4.1.5

General hints for this package

The update procedure has been changed. From now on, update.php and update.sql for updating the database are integrated to the updateApp appliaction.
How to use:

  1. copy updateApp dir to the root directory of your shop (/path/to/shop/updateApp/).
  2. you can run the update from either CLI or your web browser.
    • for CLI updates: go to the updateApp directory and run `php run_cli.php`.
      (Note: php should contain same include_path as the eShop)
    • for updates via HTTP: open your browser and go to http://yourshop/updateApp url.
  3. after the update is finished, remove this directory and continue with updating files.


See http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/resources/help-faq/eshop-manual/update-one-release-another


Only the lang files in admin had slightly to be changed. For detailled information and differences, see “/templ_docu/index.html” in your update package.

Fixed Bugs

  • 0001148: [Admin area] entities might block your generic import
  • 0001130: [Order processing] Single article in Basket, checked as free shipping, is not buyable (step 3 no payments found)
  • 0001152: [Order processing] OXDISCOUNT field in oxvouchers table not populated
  • 0001150: [Order processing] Bank code with less than 8 characters is not allowed
  • 0001145: [Order processing] wrong paymentcheck in Step 3
  • 0001190: [Order processing] Wrong payment price calculation
  • 0001170: [Search] Product search doesn’t work if product has no entry in “oxartextends”
  • 0001187: [SEO] Expired seo links are not updated correctly
  • 0001141: [Products] missing parent – OXTITLE on mini-basket
  • 0001153: [Other] Gift Registry – no check for “not public”

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in our bugtracking system: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/changelog_page.php.

New Features

No new features in this revision.

Important information for developers

Added class constructor __construct to classes where it was missing. The constructor is defined for the possibility to call parent::__construct() in all modules.