OXID eShop version 4.1.6

General hints for this package

  • The issue #0001272 was resolved by using ‘&lang=’ instead of ‘&lang=’ to prevent broken characters. Please check content edited with WYSIWYG editor in eShop admin (article long descriptions, categories long descriptions, CMS) using the Firefox browser.
  • Added config option “sGiCsvFieldEncloser” (Encloser for Im/Export).
    Admin -> Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Other Settings -> CSV-Encloser for Im/Export
    Admin -> Service -> Generic Import -> Fields enclosed by
  • Added config option “blCheckForUpdates” to admin and setup. Shop will be checked for a new version in admin home page only if this option is checked. See #0001316
    Admin -> Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Administration -> Check for available updates regularly


See http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/resources/help-faq/eshop-manual/update-one-release-another


Some admin templates as well as lang files in admin and in front end had slightly to be changed. For detailled information and differences, see “/templ_docu/index.html” in your update package.

Fixed Bugs

  • 0001276: [Order processing] If product is “If out out stock, offline” and remaining stock is ordered, “Shp offline” error is shown in Order step 5
  • 0001311: [Order processing] Shop offline error when product is out of stock and Econda is active
  • 0001300: [Order processing] Orders are processed with status ERROR when webmiles are installed in eshop
  • 0001298: [Order processing] “Skip all negative Discounts” + “Min. Order Price” = not working
  • 0001302: [Caching] The cache is not reset when any change made in admin using AJAX lists
  • 0001235: [Caching] language files not cached on a per theme basis
  • 0001182: [Admin area] clear cache of categorys displays ‘headers already sent’
  • 0001245: [Admin area] Error occurs when trying to send Newsletter
  • 0001322: [Admin area] After Save in Main tab (core settings) – not possible changing the language in Main and SEO tabs
  • 0001220: [Admin area] display of statistics is not correct for search words etc.
  • 0001094: [Admin area] not resize images after upload
  • 0001316: [Admin area] When “Load additional Information from OXID server” is switched off, the shop still checks for newer version
  • 0001282: [Admin area] Performance problems: switching tabs in admin
  • 0001113: [Categories] Category tree loading performance
  • 0001306: [Categories] Selecting active categories will not be checked if parent categories are active
  • 0001241: [Categories] Newsletter can’t generate, if articles are assigned to newsletter actions
  • 0001272: [Content & CMS pages] Password forgotten link does not work because FireFox corrupts character in oxupdatepassinfoplainemail
  • 0001176: [Content & CMS pages] Logout from CMS page
  • 0001305: [Coupons] voucher ignores foreign currencies Min. Order Sum
  • 0001234: [Languages] language specified domain (with own ssl certificate) loses language selection, if ssl will be actived
  • 0001291: [Languages] empty basket after language was changed under SSL
  • 0001294: [Listmania] Not able to create new recommlist after deleting one
  • 0001270: [Payment Methods] not defined array causes warnings in oxorder class – reason: no dynvalue array at payment creditcard
  • 0001286: [Products] inactive articles can be bought using tobasket-link
  • 0001304: [SEO] if blSessionUseCookies is off sid is not appended to listmania links
  • 0001255: [SEO] “-oxid” is added to url for new CMS because content of previous CMS was not deleted from DB

… and about 100 more fixed bugs.

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in our bugtracking system: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/changelog_page.php.

New Features

No new features in this revision.

Important information for developers

  • Due to bug #0001219 oxseo.oxseourl field collation changed from “latin1_general_ci” to “latin1_bin”;
  • Due to bug #0000835 added possibility to define ‘Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE’ (filename for a source of random bytes) parameter in config.inc.php file:
$this->sAuthOpenIdRandSource = '/dev/urandom';

Set this field and its value according to your server configuration[1].

  • Due to bug #0001159 we added the possibility to define a path on the server where cookies will be stored; an appropriate parameter in config.inc.php should be added:
$this->sCookiePath = '/dev/urandom';

Please check your server configuration and the PHP documentation for possible pathes.

  • Due to bug #0001241 moved getter getActCategory, getCategoryId and setters setActCategory, setCategoryId from oxubase to oxview class.
  • Due to bug #0000773 added parameter $blDisableLazyLoading to function getArticle() in oxbasketitem.php to load full article object.
  • Due to bug #0001306 added parameter $blActCats to function getCategoryIds() in oxarticle.php to select only active and visible categories or subcategories.
  • When setting up different domains for each language please be sure that PHP:
    • on each domain is setup to share same session info (same session save path);
    • session cryption mode is the same on each domain;
  • Due to bug #0001115 added parameter $blCheckProduct to function getArticle() in oxbasketitem.php do not check article visibility.
  • Im/Export config option “sGiCsvFieldTerminator” was set as deprecated, instead option “sCSVSign” will be used.
  • Removed oxarticle::_removeInactiveVariants() method, which was usually called in oxarticle::getVariants(), instead variants are filtered by SQL query while loading variants list. Query/filter is build by new methods:
    • oxarticle::getActiveCheckQuery() – returns part of query used in active snippet; query checks if product “oxactive = 1”; if config option “blUseTimeCheck” is TRUE additionally checks if “oxactivefrom < current date < oxactiveto”
    • oxarticle::getVariantsQuery() – returns part of query which checks if product is variant of current product; if config option “blUseStock” is TRUE checks stock state “( oxstock > 0 or ( oxstock <= 0 and ( oxstockflag = 1 or oxstockflag = 4 ) )”