OXID eShop version 4.5.1

General hints for this package

  • Due to changes at the econda API, the built in interface in OXID eShop has been updated.
  • The image handling for products, categories, vendors and manufacturers was improved with this version. Please find more detailed information in the tutorial “Image handling changes since 4.5.1
  • “Azure” theme templates have been stuffed with new [{block}] placeholders for easier modules integration. You’ll find more information in the documentary tutorial about oxblocks.
  • Language file handling improvements like described in the blog post “Improved Language Handling from OXID eShop 4.5.1
  • Implemented a modal basket popup for “Azure” theme. It can be enabled in admin area Master Settings -> Themes -> Azure -> Settings -> Display -> Select action when product is added to cart.
  • Updated e-mail templates. The style of e-mails has been changed to match “Azure” theme. Also added two additional templates – header.tpl and footer.tpl. Each e-mail includes these templates, so it is now possible to change the e-mail header and footer by changing only these two files.
  • Rich snippet implementation of Azure theme was updated to new HTML5 compatible Microdata format, using Schema.org vocabulary created as a result of collaboration between Bing, Google and Yahoo to support a standard set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages.
  • Added the button Customer must enable Facebook social plugins to Core Settings -> Settings -> Facebook: To protect customer privacy, concerning to German law, the display of the Facebook social plugins must be explicitly confirmed. Only after confirmation data is shared with Facebook. If you run your shop in Germany, it is highly recommended to explicitly activate this button.


See http://www.oxid-esales.com/fileadmin/files/TechDok/Archiv/oxdeee.pdf

On some certain file systems there is an issue with language constants. If so, please change the oxlang.php with the one provided here: http://www.oxid-esales.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10762#post64847


A lot of admin and the frontend templates have been changed due to bug fixes, refactoring of CSS and Javascript files and making the frontend properly working under Internet Explorer. Please find detailed information about template changes in directory “templ_docu_azure/index.html” (for Azure theme) and “templ_docu_basic/index.html” (for Basic theme) in the patch packages.

Please remember the Template Override System we introduced with version 4.2.0. This system will help you saving a lot of time and work while updating your system.

Fixed Bugs

0002649: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] shop very slow in IE8.
0002979: Other Code for Econda integration is not full in eShop.
0002263: [Facebook integration] Session Problems with Facebook activated in CE/PE/EE
0001721: [Files & Source code & Database] Missing functionality for custom component handling.
0002741: [Files & Source code & Database] oxarticle fails to save artextends if not in multilingual mode
0002569: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] Custom theme: image inheritance not working if img-folder is present in custom theme.
0002904: [GUI & Navigation & Sorting] eShop crashes when selecting filter in category and then changing language.
0002893: [Products] with Loadvariants switched off, variants are displayed empty in grid view.
0002837: [Order processing] smarty syntax error on order submit.

… and other fixed bugs in eShop version 4.5.1. You may find the complete list of bugfixes in our bugtracking system: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/changelog_page.php.

New Features

No new features in this version.

Important information for developers

  • According to the reported bug #1721, we implemented the suggested improvement: added $this->aUserComponentNames array option to config.inc.php. With this option it will be easier to override custom components array $_aUserComponentNames (class names, that are defined in this array, will be executed before any other regular operation) in oxubase. As off now the only way to override this array in oxubase was extending view classes and in some cases all of them.
  • Fixed image inheritance in templates. Added parameter oViewConfig::getImageUrl( $sFile ) – file name. Changed calls in templates.
  • Simplified CSS files structure. All theme css are placed in folder out/theme/src/css/. This folder contains subfolder out/theme/src/css/lib/ and four css files: reset.css – resets all different default browsers attributes; ie7.css – used only for IE7 bugs or hacks; ie8.css – used only for IE8 bugs or hacks; oxid.css – file for styling theme. ../css/lib/ – folder contains css files, which are used by third party components.
  • Removed CSS pie to improve IE7/IE8 performance.
  • New clear and simple themes related JavaScript files structure. JavaScript files placed in theme folder “src/js” directory (e.g. out/theme/src/js/). This folder contains 2 folders out/js/lib/ and out/js/widgets/. All libs and jQuery core file, plugins are placed to /lib folder, all widgets used in templates are placed to /widgets folder.
  • JavaScript calls in templates including file: [{oxscript include=”js/widgets/oxpopup.js”}]
  • JavaScript calls in templates adding scripts (widget calls): [{oxscript add=”$( ‘#languageTrigger’ ).oxFlyOutBox();”}]
  • For Enterprise Edition only: Added new option to config.inc.php: blDeprecatedSubshopInSessions. default value = false. If the value = true, the subshop ID will be saved in the session, otherwise only in the URL.
  • To avoid code duplication, dependencies and to keep it testable, maintainable and reusable JavaScript code, gui.js file has been re-factored into the following widgets:
oxagbcheck.js, oxajax.js, oxamountpriceselect.js, oxarticleactionlinksselect.js, oxarticlebox.js,
oxarticlevariant.js, oxbasketchecks.js, oxblockdebug.js, oxcompare.js, oxcountdown.js,
oxcountrystateselect.js, oxdropdown.js, oxenterpassword.js, oxequalizer.js, oxfacebook.js, 
oxflyoutbox.js, oxiefontshadow.js, oxinfopopup.js, oxinnerlabel.js, oxinputvalidator.js,
oxlistremovebutton.js, oxloginbox.js, oxmanufacturerslider.js, oxminibasket.js, oxmodalpopup.js,
oxmorepictures.js, oxpayment.js, oxpromocategory.js, oxrating.js, oxreview.js, oxslider.js, 
oxtag.js, oxtopmenu.js, oxusershipingaddressselect.js, oxzoompictures.js
  • Added new config option sDefaultDatabaseConnection for setting default database connection charset.
    Example: $this-> sDefaultDatabaseConnection = ‘latin1’;
    Related to bug #2937