OXID eShop version 4.5.6

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See http://www.oxid-esales.com/en/support-services/documentation-and-help/oxid-eshop/installation/oxid-eshop-update-installation.html


Some admin templates might be changed slightly due to bug fixes. Please find detailed information about template changes in directory “templ_docu_admin/index.html” of this package.

Please remember the Template Override System we introduced with version 4.2.0. This system will help you saving a lot of time and work while updating your system.

Fixed Bugs

  • 0003276: [Files & Source code & Database] oxaddparams issues.
  • 0003353: [Order processing] Order processed without confirmation for “Terms and Conditions”.
  • 0003410: [Order processing] An error in basket when setuping shop with selected country Austria.
  • 0002623: [Order processing] Bug in oxorder->validateStock.
  • 0002783: [SEO] SEO decoder decodes history-url into expired-url.
  • 0003434: [Performance] article2price always call even the article has no amount prices.
  • 0003436: [Performance] Runs SQL query for every canonical URL.

You may find the complete list of bugfixes in our bugtracking system: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/changelog_page.php.

New Features

No new features in this patch.

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