OXID eShop version 4.9.7 (CE + PE) & 5.2.7 (EE)

General hints for this package

  • Runs on PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6
  • Please see this blog post if you run MySQL 5.6 and OXID eShop EE)


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No template changes in this patch. Just a few changes in admin lang keys.

Fixed Bugs

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New Features

No new features in this patch.

Important information for developers

  • added a configuration option for increasing the captcha security
    This new captcha key provides the possibility for setting an individual key for encrypting the captcha. This key is generated during the setup procedure and can be changed at any time in config.inc.php. If this value is missing, sConfigKey (see oxconfk.php) is used as fallback.
  • New classes/methods introduced:
  1. oxBasketItem::setBasketItemKey() & oxBasketItem::getBasketItemKey()
    A setter and getter for the basket item, used in oxBasket::addToBasket and oxcmp_basket::_addItems. OXID eShop should separate the same product after the user marks them separate, for example adds a label. The shop uses this information to calculate the basket item’s quantity and if recreateation of the basket is necessary. For example a logged in buyer did not finish and order and re-logs in later. Related to bug #5928
  2. oxUtils::arrayStringSearch()
    Introduced in order to fix an issue with PHP internal typecasting. For example when comparing an ID like 12345XXX to 12345: if both values appear in the same array, the shop had trouble picking the correct value when searching. This way we made searching an array a bit more picky. Related to bug #6220
  3. oxNoJsValidator
    Checks if a string contains JavaScript code. Related to bug #6308