OXID eShop version 6.0.2

This patch update was extraordinarily pushed up to give you a proper time frame to establish the GDPR compliance with OXID eShop. Additionally, we started to introduce new principles of code writing in order to become more flexible, agile and innovative when changing the core. Anyway, this patch update contains bug fixes as well as loads of pull requests from you guys, keep up the good job! 🙂

BTW, we don’t forget our legacy users: there will be a module package available for OXID eShop versions 4.10.x and 5.3.x in a few days.

Install the full compilation

Update from previous v6 compilation versions

Update from previous releases

  • Updated Flow theme to v3.0.0
    • Adaptions according to GDPR compliance
    • Contains bug fixes
  • Updated PayPal module to v5.1.6
  • Updated Visual CMS module (EE/PE only) to v3.2.0
    • Added new option to disable widgets and use only text
    • Changed “CMS content” dropdown is prefilled when no characters are entered
    • Fixed dangerous button overwrites all content if switching language
    • Fixed VisualCMS breaks Smarty tags with parameters
    • Fixed Text-Widget adds pictures with full path incl domain
  • Updated WYSIWYG module to v2.1.1
  • Updated OXID eShop doctrine migration integration to version 
    • Pdo_mysql is used instead of mysqli as a database driver
    • No more illegal mix of collation errors if collation_server was configured to something different than utf8_general_ci
  • Updated shop core to v6.2.0
    • Contains changes according to GDPR compliance as well as
    • Bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes in shop core
  • Bug fixes in Flow theme

With OXID eShop 6.0.2, there were storefront changes, changes in the admin templates, language files as well as in JS and CSS files. This was basically done because of the GDPR compliance and several bug fixes.

Please note that if you use a custom template, all changes made shall be applied to your custom template as well.

  • Download full package
  • Source code documentation
  • All changes in this compilation (OXID eShop 6.0.2)

Many thanks to all you GitHub contributors! This release contains 25 changes triggered by you guys, keep up the good job!

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