OXID eShop version 6.1.1

This patch release contains some bug fixes and updated components, no storefront changes.

OXID eShop 6.1.1 is published as a compilation with the following components:

* OXID CE component 6.3.1 (was 6.3.0 )
* OXID PE component 6.2.1 (was 6.2.0)
* OXID EE component 6.2.0 (was 6.2.0)
* Theme “Flow” 3.0.2 (was 3.0.2)
* AmazonPay 3.2.1 (was 3.1.4 )
* GDPR Opt-In 2.1.2 (was 2.1.1 )
* Klarna 4.2.0 (was 4.0.1 )
* Paymorrow 2.0.1 (was 2.0.1)
* PAYONE 1.0.10 (was 1.0.8 )
* PayPal 5.2.3 (was 5.2.2 )
* Visual CMS 3.2.2 (only Professional and Enterprise Edition, was 3.2.1)
* WYSIWYG Editor plus Media Center Summernote 2.1.1 (was 2.1.1)

Please find all changes to the former OXID eShop compilation 6.1.0 here

Install the full compilation

Update from previous v6 compilation versions

Update from previous releases

  • Bug fixes in shop core

No storefront changes in this patch release, just slight changes in admin templates as well as in language files.

  • Download full package
  • Source code documentation
  • All changes in this compilation (OXID eShop 6.1.0)

Many thanks to all you GitHub contributors!

  • @indianer3c for PR-651  (Fix global variable name in startProfile)
  • @keywan-ghadami-oxid for PR-662 (Improve a check of module id in ModuleExtensionsCleaner::filterExtensionsByModuleId), for PR-452 (Get correct oxid for attributes loaded by loadAttributesDisplayableInBasket)
  • @flow-control for PR-664 (AccountReviewController extends correct AccountController)
  • @JaroslavHerber for PR-665 (Prevent usage of thankyou-controller in no order-context)
  • @gerlweb for PR-545 (Send correct shop url to includeImages email template parser)
  • @jctrant for PR-666 (Wrong return value FrontendController.isVatIncluded)
  • @darchipov for PR-658 (Fix filecache write/read race conditions)
  • @dassaffe for PR-498 (Fix wrong variant article price calculation in rss)
  • @re4jh for PR-669 (Fix Syntax error in admin css)
  • @tobiaseichert for PR-6 in GDPR module (Fix unclosed “” elements and remove unnecessary “checkbox” class usage) and PR-45 in Paypal module (In backend, orderlist column ‘PAYMENT METHOD’ stays empty)
  • @patrick-blom for PR-44 in Paypal module (Show extra payment costs only if they are not zero)

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