OXID eShop version 6.1.6

Besides other bug fixes, this patch release contains two security improvements:

  • Updated PayOne module to v1.3.1 (thanks @jens-trant for reporting)
  • Minor session fixation issue (thanks @IT Consultant Dr. Christian Forster for reporting)

After the first stable release of OXID eShop series 6.0 in November 2017, this series now has reached EoL (end of life) and can’t be supported any more. Please consider to update. For more information about the release plans, please visit https://oxidforge.org/en/release-plan.

OXID eShop 6.1.6 is published as a compilation with the following components:

* OXID CE component 6.3.7 (was 6.3.6 )
* OXID PE component 6.2.3 (was 6.2.2)
* OXID EE component 6.2.4 (was 6.2.3)
* Theme “Flow” 3.4.1 (was 3.3.0 )
* Theme “Wave” 1.3.1 (was 1.2.0 )
* AmazonPay 3.3.1 (was 3.3.1)
* GDPR Opt-In 2.2.0 (was 2.2.0)
* Klarna 5.1.3 (was 4.3.0 )
* Paymorrow 2.0.1 (was 2.0.1)
* PAYONE 1.3.1 (was 1.0.10 )
* PayPal 5.3.1 (was 5.2.5 )
* Visual CMS 3.3.3 (only Professional and Enterprise Edition, was 3.3.2)
* WYSIWYG Editor plus Media Center Summernote 2.2.0 (was 2.2.0)

Please find all changes to the former OXID eShop compilation 6.1.5 here

Install the full compilation

Update from previous v6 compilation versions

  • Bug fixes in shop core
  • no Storefront changes with this patch release
  • Download full package
  • Source code documentation
  • All changes in this compilation (OXID eShop 6.1.6)

Many thanks to all you GitHub contributors!

* @alfredbez for PR-556 (change test-url from www.example.com to localhost), PR-156 (translate hard coded string ‘Mehr’)

* @GM-Alex for PR-734 (Fix query command detection)

* @vanilla-thunder for PR-80

* @martin-hofer for PR-42, PR-45, PR-47, PR-48, PR-49, PR-50, PR-51, PR-53, PR-54, PR-55, PR-56, PR-57, PR-58, PR-62, PR-63, PR-64, PR-69, PR-70 and PR-71 instead of a Hackathon attendance 😀

* @Alpha-Sys for PR-59, PR-60 and PR-72

* @bYemma for PR-65

* @s-diez for PR-61

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