OXID Module Connector

OXID Module Connector (OMC) displays available modules and a short description, and it allows to install these modules automatically (if possible) and directly from the OXID eShop admin panel. If an automated installation is not possible for some reason, OMC links to the original module page.

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  • as easy installation as any other module in OXID eShop
  • inter-operable working for any OXID eShop v4.7 through 4.10 (resp. 5.0 – 5.3)
  • works and legal to use for any OXID eShop edition (CE, PE and EE)
  • search and filter for GPL or commercial modules by price, by use case (tags), if installed or if activated
  • quick overview of the functions, supported OXID versions, vendor and license of the modules
  • most likely the most comprehensive OXID module collection because of community driven content
  • quick and easy installation, un-installation, activation and de-activation of modules
  • safe and clean installation of extensions like themes and language packages

OMC schema

About the project

This module is based on ioly and was developed during the #oxhackathon16 event. The OXIDforge editorial team currently takes care of the content (modules) in their leisure time, any help is appreciated!

Installation and support

Before installing OMC, please check the system requirements carefully. The installation is easy, nevertheless you might want to take a look at the installation instructions at OMC wiki.

As mentioned above, this is a community project, maintained by volunteers. If you need help with OXID Module Connector, please turn to the boards, to avoid bugging the OMC or the OXIDforge editorial team. If you need help with modules listed in OMC, please find it in either the boards or consider to contact the vendor of this module.

Get your module listed in OXID Module Connector

Good news first: for you as a module vendor, your module is and will be completely independent from OXID Module Connector (OMC). All OMC will need is a JSON file (recipe) that defines where to find the most important information as well as how to map your module structure into the folder structure of an OXID eShop installation. Find out how to provide a JSON file.

If you run an OXID based shop to sell your OXID extensions/modules, you might find this tool helpful: OXID Module Connector Generator is an extension that exports the necessary JSON files for OMC that you simply can adapt and send them to the OMC recipe branch via pull request. (Many thanks to @AlphaSys for this module!)

Please note that anyone can add or propose any module of any vendor. However, there’s no general right of acceptance.

Propose a module that is not listed yet