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OXID eShop: e-commerce software for integrators with deadlines

With OXID eShop, online merchants or integration agencies get a lean, modern and feature rich PHP software to build up a sustainable e-commerce business.

OXID eShop is easy to customize: it uses the Smarty (alternatively Twig) template engine for generating one’s unique store front design. If you have to change or add some functionality for fitting OXID eShop into your business model, write an extension, put it into the modules folder and off you go.

Thanks to the OOP (object oriented programming) architecture you’ll be able to update your software and benefit from the latest innovations without loosing your changes.

Because OXID eShop is so simple to adapt, there will be a short time to market – OXID eShop is just e-commerce software for agencies with deadlines 🙂

OXID eShop is a project of the company OXID eSales AG.

  • OXID eShop Community Edition is licensed under GPLv3

    Please also read the GPLv3 FAQ for OXID’s interpretation of the GPLv3.

  • However, there are no technical restrictions nor limits

    OXID eShop Community Edition just comes without warranty and vendor support.

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