Quick and easy testing of OXID framework functions

Have you ever tried to get the value of a config param from oxconfig / oxviewconfig or dump the return value of an OXID function? Its like dancing with an one winged epileptic duck.

Usually you had to paste the function call somewhere into a random controller or create a custom controller to call multiple functions.

lets cure that one winged duck

Dev console is a part of my vt-devutils collection, it grants you direct access to the most framework functions (except functions of view classes), so you can quickly create a new object from particular model and tests it’s functions, or just check the value of a config param

some examples:


view config values from oxConfig table


create and load every model and use its functions


you can access your saved basket with $basket


you also have:
$order for your last order,
$me for your user,
$session for your actual session,
$cfg for oxConfig

pay attention!

all the php code will be evaluated on the webserver, be careful with the code you run, cause it might damage your shop or cause a data loss

get it here:

you can get the whole devutils package from my github account: https://github.com/vanilla-thunder/vt-devutils. For more description and installation instructions visit this page:

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