Release plan

* Presently supported releases for OXID eShop
OXID 4.9/5.2legacy
OXID 4.10/5.3maintenancelegacy
OXID 6.0devmaintenancelegacy
OXID 6.1devmaintenancelegacy
OXID 6.2devmaintenancelegacy
* OXID 6.3devmaintenance* legacy
* OXID 6.4dev*maintenancelegacy
OXID 6.5devmaintenancelegacy
OXID 7.0devmaintenance


  • dev: development branch of an OXID eShop series before it is officially released as stable.
  • maintenance: maintenance branch of an OXID eShop series after it’s release. Will be supported with all bug fixes.
  • legacy: legacy branch of an an OXID eShop series after the next series is released. Will be supported with most serious bug fixes.

Unified series numbers for editions

A while ago, starting with OXID eShop versions 4.7 and 5.0, we seperated the version numbers for Community/Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition: CE and PE were versioned as 4.7 as EE got the version number 5.0 due to several reasons.

With the series 6.0 we got rid of this segregation and unified the versioning for the different editions once again.

Independent versioning for all components of the compilation

From OXID eShop 6 on, there is different components like OXID eShop core, storefront, several modules etc. These components including the core, might have a totally different (semantic) version logic as the entire “compilation” and are usually placed in different GitHub repositories. The advantage of this modus operandi is, that the versioning of the compilation might be much more customer-oriented in a manner of support/marketing and not bound to circumstances in development like it was experienced before. However, major versions like 7.x.x of both, compilation as well as OXID eShop core component, will remain the same.

Security issues

Please see the security page to learn how we deal with security issues in supported and unsupported versions.