Roadmap OXID eShop series 4.7 (CE/PE) and 5.0 (EE)

Caching (Enterprise Edition 5.0)

In order to enhance the performance of OXID eShop and smoothen the effect of load peaks in high-load scenarios we have implemented a new caching system in version 5.0. The new caching system consists of three main components:

  1. Cache Manager
  2. Varnish Reverse Proxy
  3. Memcached

Cache Manager, Varnish and Memcached are available as additional High-load Option for OXID eShop Enterprise Edition.

Master / Slave (Enterprise Edition 5.0)

In order to enhance the scalability of OXID eShop to multiple database servers, eShop 5.0 includes the capacity to employ a Master / Slave Architecture.

Master / Slave are available as additional High-load Option for the Enterprise Edition of OXID eShop 5.0.

Checkout Compliancy (aka German “Button-Lösung”) (all OXID eShop Editions 4.7/5.0)

Due to increasing problems with frauds and scams on in internet, the German law has issued a number of new regulations for online shops, starting August 1st 2012. The goal is to make the checkout process more transparent for the consumer and protect him from obscure business practices. The demo templates in eShop 4.7/5.0 have all necessary changes already implemented.

Checkout compliancy is available in all editions of OXID eShop from 4.7/5.0 onwards and OXID eShop mobile.

EU Cookie Guidelines (all OXID eShop Editions 4.7/5.0)

In 2009 the European Union issued guidelines how to notify website users about cookies. The user must be notified at least once that the site he is visiting is using cookies. He should be given information how to opt out if he does not feel safe receiving cookies from the site.

These EU guidelines should have been turned into a local law by local governments by May 2011. The German legislative has not yet acted on this yet. However, this should be expected in the near future. With OXID eShop you are already prepared. You are able to make your shop compliant with EU cookie guidelines with a simple click in the administration backend.

Conformity with EU cookie guidelines is available in all OXID eShop editions from 4.7/5.0 onwards.

Maintenance (all OXID eShop Editions 4.7/5.0)

Basic Theme removed

We decided to replace the Basic Theme completely with our Azure Theme. eShop 4.7/5.0 contains only demo templates in the Azure Theme. However, all functionalities contained in the Basic Theme are still there and working. Old themes also continue to work with only minimal changes.

Zend Platform removed

The product is discontinued by Zend, so we don’t continue to support Zend Platform any longer. We do continue our good relationship with Zend and support such products as Zend Server.

Bootstrap process refactored

To make OXID eShop even faster we took our time to refactor the bootstrap process. The framework now boots in a more efficient order. A modular architecture makes sure that only the required parts of the framework are loaded.

Overhauled shop module for OXID eFire Portlet FACT-Finder

In close cooperation with our long term partner Omikron we reworked this OXID eFire module completely for better reliability and broader functionality. We also updated to latest FACT-Finder version 6.7.