This is a collection of helpful tools for developers of OXID eShop, called “SDK” (software development kit). If you write such a script or module yourself, please feel free to add it to this list.

OXID Coding Standards

  • Documentation
  • This repository includes OXID eShop coding standards definition for PHP Codesniffer along with a PHPStorm autoformat config file. The PHP_CodeSniffer standard will never be 100% accurate, but should be viewed as a strong set of guidelines while contributing to OXID eShop.

OXID eShop installation

OXID shell install script

Install an OXID eShop within 30 seconds on your server

IDE related

OXID module IDE-Helper

An OXID module that creates parent classes on the hard disk which helps IDEs to work with auto completion in OXID code


Module writing

OXID Module Skeleton Generator

Folders structure, empty classes and metadata generation for new OXID eShop modules.

OXID Module Configuration Im-/Exporter

Tools to export, backup and import OXID eShop modules configuration data. It is a GUI based dashboard in eShop administration area under Service -> Module Configuration Im-/Exporter. All relevant modules configuration is being used including: Versions, Extended classes, Module classes, Templates, Blocks, Settings and Events.

OXID Console

OXID Console is php console application for OXID Shop. It provides an API for writting various commands. By default there are following commands included: cache:clear (clear cache from tmp folder), db:update (updates database views), fix:states (fixes modules metadata states), g:migration (generate new migration file), g:module (generate new module scaffold), list (list of all available commands), migrate (run migration scripts), module:list (outputs module list table).


Oxrun provides a cli toolset for the OXID eShop Community Edition. Please find all information about installation and usage at


OXID eShop testing library

The OXID eShop testing library can be used to test OXID eShop with existing or new Unit, Integration, Mink or QUnit tests. Furthermore, it can also be very helpful for developers creating a module for OXID eShop.
This tutorial will show how to run unit/integration and selenium tests on OXID eShop using OXID testing library.

Module certification

Module certification tool

This tool is for preparing the OXID eShop module certification process. It will help you to check if your module meets the certification rules and will give you an estimation of the expected certification costs. You can use it to further optimize your module before actually submitting it.


OXMD is an extension of PHPMD that applies metrics according to OXID module certification guidelines and computes the expected module certification price.

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