Security Bulletin 2017-002

The following vulnerability has been identified:


An attacker is able to overflow the shop database over the network, and hence make the shop stop working (denial of service/DoS).


  • until now, no 0-day exploit is known
  • resolved, patch releases available


By crawling specially crafted URLs (e.g. “forced browsing”), an attacker is able to overflow the database of the shop and this way make it stop working. Prerequisite: the shop allows rendering empty categories to the storefront by admin option.

Affected products, releases and platforms


  • OXID eShop Enterprise Edition (“EE”)
  • OXID eShop Professional Edition (“PE”)
  • OXID eShop Community Edition (“CE”)


  • All OXID eShop versions up to 5.3.x (EE) and 4.10.x (PE, CE)
  • All OXID eShop 6 (up to RC2 versions)


  • All releases are affected on all platforms


The issue has already been resolved in the following releases:

  • OXID eShop Enterprise Edition 5.2.11
  • OXID eShop Enterprise Edition 5.3.6
  • OXID eShop Enterprise Edition 6 RC3
  • OXID eShop Professional Edition 4.9.11
  • OXID eShop Professional Edition 4.10.6
  • OXID eShop Professional Edition 6 RC3
  • OXID eShop Community Edition 4.9.11
  • OXID eShop Community Edition 4.10.6
  • OXID eShop Community Edition 6 RC3

Bug tracker entry (in private state until November 2nd):


Please download the fitting hotfix for your OXID eShop version and overwrite the existing files:

  • OXID eShop Enterprise Edition >= 5.0.3 | 5.1.x | 5.2.x | 5.3.x
  • OXID eShop Professionsl Edition >= 4.7.3 | 4.8.x | 4.9.x | 4.10.x
  • OXID eShop Community Edition >= 4.7.3 | 4.8.x | 4.9.x | 4.10.x

These files should be overwritten with the next update you install. OXID eShop Enterprise and Professional Edition users: please turn to support if you didn’t receive an information yet.


Many thanks to our Professional Services team, namely Gregor Clausen, who found this security issue and immediately reported it.

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