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Small shipping cost configuration howto for OXID eShop

An explanation and basic understanding of payment methods, shipping methods and shipping cost rules in OXID eShop.

Session handling in OXID eShop 6

There will be changes in session handling in OXID eShop 6. Until now, we used to use the regular PHP session handling and optionally, centralized session storage for high load scenarios. In this blog post I will show up clever alternatives and how to write an own session handler if you want to use a database for session storage anyway.

Language handling

A tutorial on how to get language packages, what is what in language packages and how to help translating OXID eShop into your language.

Maintenance Mode

With this neat module you can access the frontend by simply adding “?user=admin_user_name&pass=admin_password” as URL parameters. This module can as well be used when doing some maintenance in a running system.

Configuring permanent redirects (301)

Configuration of permanent Redirects (Redirect 301) If you want to move your online store to another shopping cart software (e.g. OXID eShop), you should make sure, that the old URL is redirected to your new product URIs. One option to do so is a “permanent redirect” via html header 301: Every URI will be redirected […]

Six Easy Steps to Start Selling Online with OXID eShop

This article, an introduction to start working with OXID eShop as an online merchant, appeared first on April 01, 2009 at Sitepoint web magazine.