Run module tests in OXID eShop 6

As follow up for the blog post “Run tests for OXID eShop 6” here’s how to get module tests running for OXID eShop 6.

Run tests for OXID eShop 6

Nice thing about OXID eShop, they provide a development environment. Without big effort you can get have the shop up and running on a virtual machine. The current blog post will give some hints for how to run the shop tests that come with the shop. We will cover how to run module tests in a follow up post.

Composer integration for projects from OXID eShop 4.9.6 on

The usage of composer for projects was introduced with OXID eShop version 4.9.6 and 5.2.6. Please learn in this blog post how it was implemented, what this implementation is supposed to do and what not.

Won’t fix bug #5892: add index on OXSEO table to avoid random deadlocks

A couple of days ago we were working on Bug #5892. The reporter complaint about random deadlocks with increasing traffic in OXSEO table where InnoDB is used. After debugging and analysing the InnoDB status message, he sorted out the culprit:

OXID and Symfony Part 3: HttpKernel

Symfony’s HttpKernel and it’s role when switching OXID to Symfony framework

OXID eShop Testing Library Published

As part of OXID SDK, we recently published OXID eShop Testing Library. It is intended to be an easy to use tool for writing Unit (PHPUnit), Integration (OxidTestCase) and acceptance (Mink/QUnit) tests for extension developers. In particular, it is possible to test modules against OXID eShop and against other modules (where no module activation is […]

Check before going live

There are some things that are often forgotten but should be checked before going live with a new shop. This Checklist should help you to remember these things: Language-settings Do you really start a multilanguage-shop? No? Deactivate the languages you don’t need. Else the shop would check the browserlanguage and will redirect you to the […]

Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and AlertPay

Following up his last article Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and Authorize.Net at Zend Developer Zone, Vikram Vaswani explains how to integrate the AlertPay interface into the OXID eShop. In opposit to the former article, where a transaction-oriented API was illustrated, the new article describes the implementation of a payment gateway that requires the shopping cart to transfer control to its own user interface and returns control to the shopping cart once the transaction is complete.