Session handling in OXID eShop 6

There will be changes in session handling in OXID eShop 6. Until now, we used to use the regular PHP session handling and optionally, centralized session storage for high load scenarios. In this blog post I will show up clever alternatives and how to write an own session handler if you want to use a database for session storage anyway.

debugging protected functions in OXID eShop

OXID framework has some private and lots of protected functions in it’s classes and often they are hard to debug because of code enryption in PE/EE or hard extendable dataflow inside the functions. Shortly OXID added an extra protection for several core classes to ensure the integrity and safety of the shop, which makes these […]

Composer integration for projects from OXID eShop 4.9.6 on

The usage of composer for projects was introduced with OXID eShop version 4.9.6 and 5.2.6. Please learn in this blog post how it was implemented, what this implementation is supposed to do and what not.

Coding standards

Introduction Coding standards help to improve the readability and the maintenance (time) of any project. Also, programmers may understand the code more quickly and thoroughly. Although there were coding standards in OXID eShop before we decided to introduce the PSR standard in order to standardize OXID eShop as a web application even more and to […]

Core OXID eShop classes: must not be extended

Not all classes of the OXID eShop are part of the public interface (public API). Some classes offer core OXID framework functionality, which ensures that OXID eShop (including extensions that have been written according to our guidelines) work as expected. Extending these core classes in modules or in individual shop customizations therefore engenders the risk […]

Removed deprecated source

The former manually maintained list of removed and source code marked as “deprecated” doesn’t exist any longer on this page. Please use this overview of source code documentation, pick the version you need and follow the link to it. On the navigation to the left hand side you’ll find a link called “Deprecated list” which […]

List of configuration options

Edit on GitHub List of Config Options This page contains a list of available configuration option in the file config.inc.php of the regular OXID eShop installation. If you want to add a config option, please send a pull request on GitHub (see button on the top).