Set MySQL 5.6 optimizer setting “block_nested_loop = off” for OXID eShop Enterprise Edition

We found a nasty little bug in conjunction with MySQL 5.6 setting “block_nested_loop” and OXID eShop Enterprise Edition 5.2.x. Please learn in this blog post how it looks like and how to work around.

Won’t fix bug #5892: add index on OXSEO table to avoid random deadlocks

A couple of days ago we were working on Bug #5892. The reporter complaint about random deadlocks with increasing traffic in OXSEO table where InnoDB is used. After debugging and analysing the InnoDB status message, he sorted out the culprit:

How to move a database bigger 2MB

How to move a database > 2MB Import Most hosting provider set the limit to the PHP upload function to 2MB which makes it not easy importing databases > 2MB to your new installation if you use e.g. phpMyAdmin as your database management tool. For this cases, you might want to install another application that […]