Run module tests in OXID eShop 6

As follow up for the blog post “Run tests for OXID eShop 6” here’s how to get module tests running for OXID eShop 6.

Run tests for OXID eShop 6

Nice thing about OXID eShop, they provide a development environment. Without big effort you can get have the shop up and running on a virtual machine. The current blog post will give some hints for how to run the shop tests that come with the shop. We will cover how to run module tests in a follow up post.

Creating a Source Code Documentation for your own OXID Project

Would it not be grand to to automatically generate the source code documentation for your own project, no matter what OXID eShop edition is used? Learn in this blog post how to do it.

Assemble a local dev environment – not only for OXID eShop 6 – in a vagrant box

Read this blog post to learn why to use a vagrant box as a local dev environment, what are the prerequisites to install it and how to easily adapt the configuration for oxVM vagrant box to your own specific needs.

Being prepared for Apache update 2.2 to 2.4

With Apache update from version 2.2 to 2.4, some directives will be changed as well. Read in this blog post how to adapt your .htaccess files in OXID eShop to fit the new Apache version.

PhpStorm OXID plugin available

Thanks to @Haehnchen, a PhpStorm plugin for OXID is available. Get it to make your developer life easier!

Travis CI available for OXID eShop CE repository

Let me trigger one of the most noteworthy pull requests to the OXID eShop repository at GitHub in the recent past. @adriankirchner, developer at dotfly (OXID solution partner) committed a fully functional Travis CI configuration. With this contribution it is not only possible to check at a glance if the unit and integration tests are […]

Running OXID eShop Community Edition (Version 4.5.9) On Nginx (LEMP) on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run OXID eShop Community Edition (version 4.5.9) on a Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 11.10 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache.

How to set up a LAMP Server and OXID eShop on CentOS

With this tutorial we provide you a step-by-step instructions for installing a full-featured LAMP stack and OXID eShop on a CentOS system. In the following you will be instructed on setting up Apache, MySQL, PHP and OXID eShop.

How to move OXID eShop from one server to another

This tutorial describes the steps to take in order to move an OXID eShop from one server to another.

How to move a database bigger 2MB

How to move a database > 2MB Import Most hosting provider set the limit to the PHP upload function to 2MB which makes it not easy importing databases > 2MB to your new installation if you use e.g. phpMyAdmin as your database management tool. For this cases, you might want to install another application that […]