Modules frontend

Run module tests in OXID eShop 6

As follow up for the blog post “Run tests for OXID eShop 6” here’s how to get module tests running for OXID eShop 6.

How to fully port a module to OXID eShop 6

This post describes all changes necessary to port modules originally written for OXID eShop 5.3.x and 4.10.x, to OXID eShop 6.

How to (quickly) port a module to OXID eShop 6.0

This post describes the minimum changes necessary to make an existing module immediately compatible with OXID eShop 6.0. In a later blog post we will tell you how to fully port a module or write a new one from scratch so that it fits OXID eShop 6.0 and above.

Language pack “Russian for OXID eShop” finished

Translation center updated to OXID eShop v4.10.2 recently incl. Flow theme. Russian language pack is available 100% now incl. storefront and admin panel.

Validate your own forms with OXID eShop standards

There are some very useful tools OXID ships with for form validation. They are used by the OXID eshop itself (e.g. registration form) but you can also use them for your own forms. The benefit is, that it is a 100% OXID-compliant solution and you need no third-party libraries. The tutorial should give you an idea of how to do that and is just a minimal example.

LESS Layers

I was thinking about a nice way of implementing Twitter Bootstrap and maybe other vendor libraries into my private eShop project. My main problem was: how can I keep it extendable, but yet simple enough to switch parts of the implementation very easily?

Coding standards

Introduction Coding standards help to improve the readability and the maintenance (time) of any project. Also, programmers may understand the code more quickly and thoroughly. Although there were coding standards in OXID eShop before we decided to introduce the PSR standard in order to standardize OXID eShop as a web application even more and to […]

Build an Infinite Scroll List for OXID eShop – Implementation

In the first part, we added some code for the controller but it didn’t bring any clear-cut result at that moment. This second part will help you finish the remaining tasks to achieve an infinite scrolling list. Let’s see how to work with the new template and JavaScript code to handle the logic of infinite scrolling. I will then show you the proper way of activating a new module, and will include some hints that will keep you away from unexpected issues.

gn2 Processor für OXID-Shops

A small present for OXID online merchants before X-Mas, the gn2 processor: Turbo-Charge your OXID eShop Processor minifies, compresses and hashes any .css and .js files within your OXID-Installation. All resources use ‘forever-caching’ or ‘fingerprinting’ to prevent unnecessary 304 requests (see This speeds up your page quite dramatically. Everything is automatic. Install into /modules/processor. […]

Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and AlertPay

Following up his last article Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and Authorize.Net at Zend Developer Zone, Vikram Vaswani explains how to integrate the AlertPay interface into the OXID eShop. In opposit to the former article, where a transaction-oriented API was illustrated, the new article describes the implementation of a payment gateway that requires the shopping cart to transfer control to its own user interface and returns control to the shopping cart once the transaction is complete.

Accepting Credit Card Payments with OXID eShop CE and Authorize.Net

Learn how to write a payment interface for OXID eShop to work with