Run module tests in OXID eShop 6

As follow up for the blog post “Run tests for OXID eShop 6” here’s how to get module tests running for OXID eShop 6.

Run tests for OXID eShop 6

Nice thing about OXID eShop, they provide a development environment. Without big effort you can get have the shop up and running on a virtual machine. The current blog post will give some hints for how to run the shop tests that come with the shop. We will cover how to run module tests in a follow up post.

Small shipping cost configuration howto for OXID eShop

An explanation and basic understanding of payment methods, shipping methods and shipping cost rules in OXID eShop.

Session handling in OXID eShop 6

There will be changes in session handling in OXID eShop 6. Until now, we used to use the regular PHP session handling and optionally, centralized session storage for high load scenarios. In this blog post I will show up clever alternatives and how to write an own session handler if you want to use a database for session storage anyway.

Language handling

A tutorial on how to get language packages, what is what in language packages and how to help translating OXID eShop into your language.

Running tests using OXID testing library

This tutorial will show how to run unit/integration and selenium tests on OXID eShop using OXID testing library.

LESS Layers

I was thinking about a nice way of implementing Twitter Bootstrap and maybe other vendor libraries into my private eShop project. My main problem was: how can I keep it extendable, but yet simple enough to switch parts of the implementation very easily?

Build an Infinite Scroll List for OXID eShop – Implementation

In the first part, we added some code for the controller but it didn’t bring any clear-cut result at that moment. This second part will help you finish the remaining tasks to achieve an infinite scrolling list. Let’s see how to work with the new template and JavaScript code to handle the logic of infinite scrolling. I will then show you the proper way of activating a new module, and will include some hints that will keep you away from unexpected issues.

Running OXID eShop Community Edition (Version 4.5.9) On Nginx (LEMP) on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run OXID eShop Community Edition (version 4.5.9) on a Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 11.10 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache.

Maintenance Mode

With this neat module you can access the frontend by simply adding “?user=admin_user_name&pass=admin_password” as URL parameters. This module can as well be used when doing some maintenance in a running system.

How to move a database bigger 2MB

How to move a database > 2MB Import Most hosting provider set the limit to the PHP upload function to 2MB which makes it not easy importing databases > 2MB to your new installation if you use e.g. phpMyAdmin as your database management tool. For this cases, you might want to install another application that […]