Slides Partner Day 2019

As usual, we invited all of our solution and platform partners as well as proud members of OXID Savvy Programme on November, 12th to our annual OXID Partner Day. Please find a collection of photo impressions here on Flickr.

However, we don’t see a reason to hide the following information from you guys. That’s why we publish the slides from the development track. In case of any questions, please feel free to use the forum comments to this post (see link below).

There’s just one pit fall: the presentations seem to be half German/half English. Please let us know if translations or explanations are necessary in the other language. Here you go:

GraphQL in OXID eShop

by Florian Engelhardt

Ever wanted to create a GraphQL API within OXID eShop? The wait is over. We @OXID_eSales released the GraphQL-Base module which allowes you to create GraphQL queries and mutations in OXID.

Tutorial: how to make use of events in OXID eShop

by Deve L. Oper

Talk was given at the OXID eSales Partner’s Day 2019 in Freiburg. Topic is how to make use of the events introduced in OXID eShop 6.2 for shop modules.

Dependency injection in OXID project management

by Michael Koltan

An overview of the features an OXID project developer can use provided by the integrated Symfony DI container.

Alright – hope you got at least a rough overview of what’s cooking. As said above: please drop your comments or queries here. We’ll be glad to answer them.

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