OXID eShop system requirements

PHP extensions

Checking your installed PHP extensions is pretty simple: Generate a file named phpinfo.php on your computer with the following content:

Upload this file via FTP to your shop root, fire up your browser and see the output of that file: http://www.yourshop.com/phpinfo.php

If you do not need this file any more for debugging your installation issues, delete it from your server! Hackers would be glad to find this kind information!

PHP version

OXID eShop is written in script language PHP, using Object Oriented Programming (OOP). OOP was finally introduced to PHP with version 5, improved with version 5.2.

You will know whether PHP is running on your server when calling the above named file phpinfo.php: If exactly the content of the file is shown, PHP is not installed on your server at all. Turn to your provider in this case.

If you want to install OXID on a PHP4 environment, the following error comes up:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/www/xxxxx/html/index.php on line 94

Please turn to your provider.

Although the OXID eShop front end runs fine fine on standard installations with PHP e.g. 5.0.8, expect strange behavior at your admin panel.

  • From OXID eShop version 4.6 on, the minimum required PHP version is 5.2.10.
  • From OXID eShop version 4.8/5.1 on, the minimum required PHP version is 5.3.25.

Hint: Due to bugs, we recommend to not use a few PHP versions. See: Not recommended PHP versions


Please see Wikipedia for more information:


Please see Wikipedia for more information:


Please see Wikipedia for more information:


Please see Wikipedia for more information:


Please see Wikipedia for more information:

MySQL client connector for MySQL 5

MySQL client is connector used by PHP  to connect to MySQL server. eShop requires MySQL client to be at at least version 5.0.33, although higher than 4.0 is still supported.

Due to a bug in MySQL 5.0.36 and 5.0.37 and a bug in MySQL 5.0.41, the OXID eShop does not run properly with these versions. If you are using MySQL 5.0.36 or 5.0.37 or 5.0.41, update MySQL to a other version.

GDlib v2 [v1] incl. JPEG support

Please see Wikipedia for more information:


PHP currently does not have native support for Unicode or multibyte strings; Unicode support will be included in PHP 6 and will allow strings as well as class, method and function names to contain non-ASCIIcharacters.

That’s why the PHP extension mbstring has to be installed on the server for a proper functioning OXID eShop.


cURL – extension allows to connect and communicate to different types of servers with many different types of protocols.
Used for communication with Open ID service providers, Facebook Connect and external content download in WYSIWYG editor.


BCMath lib offers the Binary Calculator which supports numbers of any size and precision. It is used by OpenId connection library for information encryption (removed in shop version 4.5.0) and by the SEPA validation.


SOAP extension enables support for SOAP servers and clients. Read here for more details: http://www.php.net/manual/en/soap.installation.php

PHP configuration

allow_url_fopen or fsockopen to port 80

It enables PHP to download file from remote servers. In eShop this is essential for functionality based on connection to 3rd party services (such as online VAT ID check, eFire, OpenId authorisation or additional services from oxid-esales.com site).

Zend compatibility mode must be off

ze1_compatibility_mode was basically used for migration of PHP 4 applications to PHP 5. It affects the way how PHP handles objects making it more of PHP 4 way. And since objects are passed not by their handle, but full value copy if this mode is on, the data flow in eShop is changed and thus execution of it will bring unexpected results.


$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] variable stores the URI which was given in order to access this page. SEO engine uses this URI for internal processing to get information about requested page.

ini_set allowed

ini_set – sets the value of the given PHP configuration option. The configuration option will keep new value during the script’s execution and will be restored at the script’s ending.

These parameters are affected by oxid:

session.name = ‘sid’
session.use_cookies = 0
session.use_trans_sid = 0
url_rewriter.tags =
magic_quotes_runtime = 0
session.gc_maxlifetime = 36000
default_socket_timeout = 5

display_errors = false/true

PHPMAILER library:
sendmail_from = _SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS_

OPENID library:
include_path = _OPENID_LIBRARY_PATH_

register_globals must be off

Using functionality based on register_globals directive is considered against safe coding practice. This directive is deprecated, therefore we require to keep it always turned OFF. More information could be found here: http://ca.php.net/manual/en/security.globals.php

PHP Memory limit (min. 14MB, 30MB recommended)

The minimum amount of PHP memory for running eShop properly is 14 MB. You can define amount of memory given for PHP by setting directive memory_limit in php.ini configuration file.

UTF-8 support

UTF-8 support – encoding provides better support for special chars than other character encodings. This is particulary important for multilingual eShops. If you plan to provide your eShop in many different languages, you should use UTF-8. If you just want to provide a few languages using related symbol sets (e. g. English, German, French), you don’t need UTF-8.

file uploads on

This determines if file uploads are enabled in PHP. If this flag is Off, you will not be allowed to upload any files (e.g. pictures). You can set It On in php.ini configuration file.

session.auto_start must be off

Session should not be started automatically, but only started by OXID shop when it’s needed. PHP setting session.auto_start must be switched off.

magic_quotes must be off

The PHP setting magic_quotes_gpc must be switched OFF.

With OXID eShop version 4.9.0/5.2.0 the support for magic quotes was dropped. Please set the server settings accordingly or turn to your hosting provider. Read more about magic quotes at the PHP manual.

Server configuration

Zend Guard Loader/Zend Optimizer

Zend Guard Loader (before PHP 5.3.: Zend Optimizer)  is required to be installed on the server for running encoded php source code. So it’s mandatory for Enterprise and Professional editions eShops and is not needed for Community edition eShop.

OXID eShop Enterprise and Professional editions runs properly only with Zend Guard Loader or Zend Optimizer version 3.3.0 (and higher).

apache mod_rewrite module

It is required for SEO URLs to work as it offers different URL handling direction to one oxseo.php entry file.

Attention: System health check tests if mod_rewrite works correctly. Even if there is mod_rewrite installed, it might be broken. In that case check fails and is presented ‘red’.

One reason for that often is the setting for AllowOverride in the Apache configuration. The default setting for that changed from Apache version 2.3.8 to version 2.3.9 from

AllowOverride All


AllowOverride None

Make sure that at least

AllowOverride FileInfo

is set so the rewrite rules in the .htaccess file shipped with the shop are used. See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/core.html#allowoverride for more info on that topic.

It is also possible, that

  • mod_rewrite is installed,
  • the above configuration was done
  • “allow_url_fopen or fsockopen to port 80” is green in setup

but the state of mod_rewrite is presented as ‘orange’. The responsible function for checking tries to make a socket connection with

fsockopen([ssl://]myserver.com, Port)

in order to check if mod_rewrite is working. If this fails, the state is orange. A reason for this could be a wrong DNS entry on your server for itself.

Files & Folder Permission Setup

When checking system requirements, OXID eShop script tries to chmod some directories to writable. This fails on some (restrictive) operating systems like Debian or FreeBSD.

To resolve this, set file permissions manually, using your FTP client. If you don’t know what is meant by “writable” and “read-only”, please turn to your server provider. The values may differ depending on your operating system and the options your hosting provider used on this machine.

Those and subdirectories must be writeable all the time:

  • /out/pictures/
  • /out/media/
  • /log/
  • /tmp/

During installation those must be writeable

  • /config.inc.php
  • /.htaccess

After installation those must be read-only

  • /config.inc.php
  • /.htaccess

and set the export dir to writeable

  • /export

If after all checking the script still mentions some faulty configuration, you can check which folder is meant with this hack:

– make a backup-copy of /core/oxsysrequirements.php

– around line 375, put in following codeline just before “return $iModStat”

echo $sPathToCheck;

Thanks to Zottle for sharing!

Not recommended PHP versions


  • PHP < 5.2.17 Some PHP versions may have issues related to PHP bug #53632. Please check http://bugs.php.net/53632 for more detailed description and possible solution.
  • PHP < 5.3.5
    Some PHP versions may have issues related to PHP bug #53632.
    Please check http://bugs.php.net/53632 for detailed description.