Use Telegram to receive breaking OXID dev news

Usually we see that all dev news about OXID, such as new releases, security bulletins, available new features or compliances to whatever will be wide-spread in order to inform you guys properly. Very often for this reason, we write blog posts here on, and spread them to the forums, via newsletter, mailing lists and to all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, XING, etc., linking to the blog post.

Anyway, sometimes new channels find their way to what presently seems to be hip 😉

The new choice is called “Telegram Channels”, a feature of a messaging client pretty similar to WhatsApp but just better: Telegram is open source, comes with a bunch of clients available for your browsers, mobile devices as well as native clients for Win, Mac and Linux. Telegram Channels is a “one-way-ticket”, just announcements, no discussion possible. If you want to discuss a message you got, just turn to our discussion boards.

We just integrated it into OXIDforge: once a new blog post with important news is published, we may broadcast it via the Telegram channel. All you have to do is to install the client, click on this link and wait for messages. We placed a link for entering our Telegram Channel on OXIDforge as well. Go to the start page, scroll down a bit and find it here:

Get breaking OXID news via Telegram Channel

We promise to not spam you with alleged important news and handle your data with care. However, these messages will not appear daily or so; this RSS-feed might give you an idea of what to be expected. Of course, you can unsubscribe whenever you want 😉

Have fun with this new feature and feel free to send us your feedback!

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