The new OXID Savvy Programme goes live!

Today is the day: we proudly present our new OXID Savvy Programme, which we announced at our Partner Day on November 15th.

What does “OXID-savvy” actually mean?

“savvy” is an awesome word in English usage, which is mostly used as an adjective and means “experienced”: If you are “tech-savvy” you know how to handle technology, if you are “OXID-savvy” you can – well, you know what is meant, don’t you?

For whom the OXID Savvy program is relevant:

  • You work as a freelancer with OXID,
  • you work as a smaller agency with one or two developers,
  • you mainly work on smaller projects and implement them with OXID eShop Community Edition.

What you can expect from us:

  • OXID savvy programmeListing on this prepared page for you as an OXID Savvy participant: (here you can register independently and change at a later point),
  • A badge that you can embed on your website or use for print products,
  • Access to all information channels you urgently need for your development:
    • NDA (non disclosure agreement),
    • access to EE and PE repositories on Github,
    • information about new releases by e-mail,
    • pre-notifications on security issues via email,
    • participation in otherwise closed events such as the OXID Partner Day.
  • Of course commercial products like OXID eShop Professional and Enterprise Edition can still be distributed.

In other words: you like to work with OXID, have OXID expertise and want to express it. You want to be found better in the network.

Best: there is no contract obligation and no costs for this program. On the contrary: from now on you will be in direct contact with us.

What do we expect from you?

Primarily involvement in the community, pull requests on GitHub, presence in the forums, on the mailing list and in the chat,
the badge you have embedded on your website links back to this page, an OXID tattoo on the left upper arm // kidding ^^

Here we go.

Please register on under “OXID Savvy Programs”. Marco Steinhäuser will contact you directly by phone. E-Commerce remains for us at the end evenly “people business”.

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