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Thank you all for participating in OXID Commons Unconference 2016!

This was the first time the Unconference was held simultaneously to the OXID Commons event. On the one hand, I was pretty happy with it, as in the years before some chaps appeared still influenced by the party on the eve somewhat around midday, others had to leave at around the same time. Hence, welcoming and taking a leave were not glamorous, and important topics had to be bailed.

On the other hand, in this year, it was too easy to escape to the regular conference once you guys were not interested in one of the topics any more. I’d be interested in hearing some of your opinions on how to resolve this in 2018 (the next OXID Commons event). The day before seems to be no option for me as one would waste the entire week, you see? So – suggestions welcome. Also I think, just having an afternoon for the Unconference could be too less time in the future.

Nonetheless I am concerned that the quality of talks was great this time. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please find PDF downloads of the talks held in the table below.

As you might know, OXID Commons will take place every two years, so the next event will be in 2018. As the Unconference is actually an independent event, what do you say – shall we have it every year, next in 2017? And if yes, where? Would it be clever to combine it with another well-known event?

Last not least: many thanks to the sponsor of this Unconference, our dear friends from ScaleCommerce. I love their bags that perfectly replace a “murse” 😀

And also many thanks to the team (which is is run by ProudCommerce) for the support!

thanks for participating OXID Commons Unconference 2016
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