TOXID/Integration of REDAXO into OXID esales with TOXID – Installation

Although it has been a while since the REDAXO day 2011, we are now able to present the first part of the instructions for the integration of REDAXO into OXID eSales with the help of TOXID (many thanks to Christoph who put all this information together for our internal documentation).

REDAXO Installation

As CMS basis we recommend a normal fresh REDAXO-Installation with REXseo. To test you can of course use the installation with the Demo-files (which we did on The following templates need to be set up (make sure to pay attention to the REX_TEMPLATE IDs for the navigations and breadcrumb):

Name: default active: yes

class toxid {
 function prepareContent($params) {
 $content = $params['subject'];
 $content = str_replace('"./files/','"'.rexseo::base().'files/',$content);
 $content = str_replace('href="/','href="'.rexseo::base().'',$content);
 return $content;

Name: Navigation: Breadcrumb Active: no

article_id != $REX['START_ARTICLE_ID']) {
 $category = OOCategory::getCategoryById($this->article_id);
 if (is_object($category)) {
 $parents = $category->getParentTree();
 if ($this->article_id != $this->category_id) {
 $parents[] = OOArticle::getArticleById($this->article_id);
 foreach ($parents as $cat) {
 if (is_object($cat)) {
 echo ' / '.$cat->getName().'';

Name: Navigation: Links Active: no

get($category_id, $depth, $open, $ignore_offlines);

The default-template must be selected for all items (this is just an example; you can of course generate different templates for alternate XML-output).

OXID Installation

The following instructions apply to the current version of Toxid (10.01.12). The latest version of TOXID is available to download from the GITHUB website (

  1. Copy all files from the ZIP file into the relevant folder:
  2. Activate the module TOXID cURL in the backend.
    Backend -> modules
  1. Add and modify the following lines in config.ini.php:
// your URL-Snippet to dectect TOXID-Pages
 $this->aToxidCurlSeoSnippets = array(
 '0' => 'toxid-curl',
 '1' => 'toxid-curl-en',
// URL to your CMS
 $this->aToxidCurlSource = array(
 '0' => '',
 '1' => '',
 // Additional Params for URL
 $this->aToxidCurlUrlParams = array(
 '0' => '?type=1',
 '1' => '?type=1',
 // template variable name, with will be accessible like [{$toxid_curl_cmp->getCmsSnippet('text1')}]
 // $this->sTplVariable = 'toxid_curl_cmp';


By using the following lines you can retrieve the individual XML-tags. In the example below the tag of the XML-output is retrieved:

[{assign var='toxid' value=$oViewConf->getToxid()}]
[{ $toxid->getCmsSnippet('test') }]

Now all that remains to be done to is to modify the XML-output into REDAXO according to your wishes and place the XML-tags at the preferred location with the above mentioned lines (templates and modules too if necessary).

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