Where does the php.ini go for PE and EE if you host at 1&1 or Strato

OXID eShop Professional and Enterprise Edition still use the Zend Guard to encrypt the source code. This behaviour will be changed in a while (no specific time frame yet).

If you chose a hoster like 1&1 or Strato, it might become tricky to activate the Zend Guard Loader (formerly Zend Optimizer) for decrypting the application. Usually, you will see an error message like “Zend Optimizer is not installed“.

Please find detailled information about how to install Zend Optimizer on 1&1 and on Strato on this pages (both in German):

Now copy the php.ini file to the following folders of your OXID eShop installation:

  • /
  • /admin/
  • /admin/inc/
  • /admin/reports/
  • /core/
  • /core/exception/
  • /core/interface/
  • /core/objects/
  • /modules/[path_to_encrypted_module]
  • /setup/
  • /views/

Please feel free to adapt this page (add locations, English tutorials for 1&1 or Strato, etc.)

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