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According to the German ancillary copyright law (Leistungsschutzrecht) you agree, that OXID eSales AG can use the content or part of the content of your weblog as declared by your submit in the field "RSS feed to the OXID related topics in your blog" at this site (oxidforge.org).

By fetching and storing content according to the data you'll submit in the field "RSS feed to the OXID related topics in your blog" to oxidforge.org, we'd produce duplicated content for search engines which could be punished by a lower ranking in the search engines' index. To avoid duplicated content, we (OXID eSales AG) will redirect our listings and set a canonical tag to your original blog post as long as you host this content on your site.
Once your RSS feed, blog or content is not available any longer, we are allowed to remove the redirection and the canonical tag, so any SEO traffic will have a chance to find the content you originally provided but do not host any longer on your site, might be used by us on oxidforge.org. This will not happen without trying to contact you personally.

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